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Our Family IT

When you need help, we become family.

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What We Do

  • Cut the cord consulting and installation

  • Computer hardware diagnosis/repair/purchase consultation

  • Mobile Device diagnosis/repair/purchase consultation

  • New computer/mobile device setup

  • Home network: Mesh networks, optimization/consultation/installation

  • Software diagnosis/repair/purchase consultation

  • Home audio/video support

  • Connection and configuration of gaming consoles

Why We Do What We Do

To help people lower costs and save money.

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To provide education, assistance and guidance, for those who need it most.

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To help people modernize their lives.

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Our Story

Founder and owner Pete Robinson joined the US Army at 17 years old and completed two deployments to Iraq during his six years of service.  Since separating from the Army, he has spent 20+ years working at every level in the IT industry.  Through his time in the military and the civilian workforce there have always been two aspects of his work that he was most passionate about:  First, using technology to improve the lives of his customers. Second, the opportunity to positively impact the lives of his team members through skill development, mentorship and a genuine investment in helping them find happiness and success in life.

At Our Family IT Solutions we combine these two passions, with the opportunity to serve our community.  We create ways to improve the lives of people who may not fully understand how many great technological options they have at their disposal and we do it with the care of a family member.

When you need IT help, we become family.

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